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Microsite in 5 minutes

With your individual microsite you present your company to the large pet owner community in your region in just a few minutes. At the same time, you can use functions of so that you can start customer acquisition immediately!

What is a microsite?

The microsite is a website that is created independently or as a supplement to your existing website. This way you reach more and more sustainable new customers than by placing expensive online advertising. So the optimized additional appearance to win even more customers.

What can a microsite offer in addition at

You will receive your own web address ( with individual content. The functions & services of can be called up and used directly via it (e.g. individually billable video call, own vouchers and coupons and much more). offers your individual 'all-in-one digital product' with the microsite.

This eliminates the tedious and expensive buying of products that do not work hand in hand on your homepage.

How do I get started?

Choose a name for your microsite:

Web address

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